5 Mets players under contract for 2024 the fans are ready to move on from

Will we get our wish and see the Mets move on from any of these players?
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2) NY Mets fans were mistreated by Trevor Gott almost immediately

Trevor Gott came to the Mets with more anticipation than he should have. The way the traded happened, with the Mets eating Chris Flexen’s salary, had us all nodding in agreement that this was a super move. All it cost was money and a reliever the club had already DFA’d, Zach Muchenhirn.

Gott had already begun to struggle with the Seattle Mariners right before the trade. The Mets looked past it. After all, even the best relievers can have those painful days where nothing goes right and their ERAs inflate like a tire after you finally get around to putting some air in it following the first cold morning.

To use a word a lot of kids do these days, Gott has been very “mid.” Sure, he’s a decent enough reliever to have on the roster to pitch the fifth or sixth inning when no one else is available or your team is already trailing. He can even close out a game where you need a grand slam in the ninth to come back. Beyond this, Gott has been an unsatisfactory member of the Mets.

There are a bunch more relievers who fall into this category as well. Phil Bickford’s keycard shouldn’t work next year either.

What may save Gott’s job is the amount of money the Mets paid to get him. Plus, doesn’t every roster need someone to mop up a little?

Gott ended up 0-2 with a 4.34 ERA for the Mets in 29 innings. It’s not horrific. It’s still too high to roll out a welcome back mat.