5 Mets players fans never really embraced

In New York, it's hard to be loved but easy to become polarizing.
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2. Kevin McReynolds

Across six seasons with the Mets from 1987-1991 and 1994, outfielder Kevin McReynolds hit .272 with 122 home runs and 456 RBI. He performed well in the 1988 playoffs hitting .250 with 2 home runs and 4 RBI. Although McReynolds was brought in to help create a dynasty team in the late 1980's, the 1988 NLCS would be the closest the Mets would be to the World Series until 1999. It's hard to put the blame on McReynolds- he did finish 3rd in the 1988 MVP voting behind Gibson and Strawberry.

Though having two stints with the Mets, McReynolds was never a fan favorite. For starters, he was acquired in a 1987 trade that sent outfielder Kevin Mitchell to the San Diego Padres, who went on to win the NL MVP in 1989. In 1987, McReynolds was also a part of one of the most disappointing seasons in team history where the Mets went 92-70 and missed the playoffs after winning the World Series in 1986. McReynolds was also a part of the 1988 team that lost the NLCS to the Dodgers.

Why was McReynolds never a fan favorite? It is quite simple- the Mets never won a championship while he was here. It started with the disappointment of 1987, though many key players such as Keith Hernandez missed time with injury. There was also the clubhouse controversy when Hernandez believed McReynolds should have won the 1988 MVP instead of Gibson or Strawberry. Fans also questioned how much McReynolds truly cared about winning given he was not known for wanting attention. In all, McReynolds had a good Mets career, but he was never embraced like those 1986 Mets.