5 Mets players who have earned a statue outside Citi Field

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3) NY Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez

Not many players are fortunate enough to play for the team they rooted for as a kid. Keith Hernandez did just that. He played for 10 years with the St. Louis Cardinals. Hernandez won a batting title, league NL MVP, six Gold Gloves, and a World Series championship in his tenure,

In the summer of '83, he was traded to the Mets. The team was getting a World Champion Gold Glove winner to play first base. However, Henandez considered quitting the game because he "didn't want to be here (Queens with the Mets)." Can you imagine if Hernandez were to leave the game of baseball because he was traded to Queens? Neither can I or the Mets.

Hernandez was the heart and soul of the Mets team during the 1980s. His best year with the Mets was in 1984, his first full year with the team. He batted .311 with 15 home runs and 94 RBIs. After the '84 season, Hernandez won his first Gold Glove with the Mets. He would then win five consecutive Gold Gloves in Queens and finish with 11(six with the Cardinals) altogether.

In the 1987 season, Hernandez was named the first-ever captain in franchise history alongside Carter as co-captain.