5 Mets players who have earned a statue outside Citi Field

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The New York Mets 2022 home opener started with a bang when they revealed their long-awaited Tom Seaver statue. The 10 feet high statue sits beside the Shea Stadium Home Run Apple that greets fans outside the stadium.

Considered by many one of the greatest Mets players in franchise history, Seaver changed the narrative for the Mets from being considered a laughing stock to World Champions.

The history of the Mets has a lot of heartbreaks and headaches. However, the organization has produced many great players that have a special place in the hearts of the fans, and they would love to see a statue of them for the next generation to follow and learn about.

5) NY Mets pitcher Jerry Koosman

In the shadows behind Seaver was Jerry Koosman. It is upsetting how some Mets fans aren't familiar with how amazing he was on the 1969 team. However, when the greatest pitcher at the time was on your team, it's understandable why the average fan would forget about Koosman.

In his 1968 rookie campaign, he went 19-12, earning him a 2.08 ERA for the season and his first trip to the All-Star Game. Despite his stellar first year, he finished second place in the NL Rookie of the Year voting. 

In 1969, Koosman finished 17-9 with a 2.28 ERA and 180 strikeouts, as well as another trip to the All-Star Game.

His season didn't end there as Koosman and Seaver were the Mets' 1-2 punch that led them to their first championship in '69. Seaver would struggle in the series, leaving it to Koosman to help seal the deal. He won Game 2 and Game 5, which would be the game that won them the World Series.