5 Mets players already in danger of losing their 40-man roster spot

Will they make it to Opening Day?
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New York Mets Opening Day is a whole winter away and yet we can already see some potential casualties on the 40-man roster. With still plenty of vacant spots, David Stearns doesn’t have to rush to eliminate anyone in a squid game-inspired match of red light, green light too quickly.

Eventually, as the roster continues to get stockpiled further, even some of the additions made by Stearns will be cut loose. As it stands, it’s these five Mets who are in most danger of losing their 40-man roster spot before we get to the start of the 2024 season.

1) Zack Short

It’s going to take a severe injury for Zack Short to remain on the 40-man roster. The addition of Joey Wendle confirmed it. Short no longer has a place on the major league roster in Flushing.

Once viewed as a possible Luis Guillorme replacement, the Mets went out and got an even better and more proven player to fill whatever void he left following the decision to non-tender “the bearded one.” Short’s lack of minor league options makes him a DFA candidate with the only exception being a guy like Wendle or one of the other infielders begins the season on the IL.

Even then, Short’s time with the Mets will be…short. A waiver claim by the club, the right-handed hitting utility man serves no purpose on a roster that already has Wendle. The Mets could find themselves struggling to offer enough playing time to their younger players on a regular basis. Short would only take a roster spot away from one of those players.

If there’s any guarantee of a player losing a roster spot, it’s him. This is a numbers game. He drew the low one.