5 Mets players who've butchered our trust in them

These five Mets have spoiled any trust we had in them going forward.
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
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4) NY Mets catcher Omar Narvaez exterminated any positive thoughts we had

Man, the free agent signing of Omar Narvaez was a major disappointment. His early season injury did allow us to get to know Francisco Alvarez a whole lot better. It does little to satisfy his spot on the roster. At this point, the Mets are better off with Tomas Nido sharing the catching duties. Narvaez never has been able to get anything going with the bat. It’s looking like they’ll have a very expensive backup catcher on the roster next year.

A several-months-old take now looking laughable was the Mets carrying three catchers with Alvarez and Narvaez sharing DH duties. I know, right? Don’t feel too bad if you were willing to consider this. Narvaez has hit well in the past. The .206/.292/.305 he slashed last year was an outlier. Maybe not.

It seems the Mets have gotten burned by believing Narvaez was a good fit for them. His past success and 2021 All-Star selection seems impossible to believe at this point.

Narvaez can get a small pass due to the injury which has essentially stolen away most of his year. Nevertheless, it’s hard to have any trust in him returning as a better player. We’ve already moved onto Alvarez anyway.