5 Mets players who've butchered our trust in them

These five Mets have spoiled any trust we had in them going forward.
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets pitcher Tylor Megill took a hacksaw to the trust we had in him

Unlike David Peterson, Tylor Megill has yet to finish a season with particularly good numbers. He won’t have enough road this year to turn his season around. The yearly numbers will end up looking ugly for a guy we all thought in 2021 could have been much more.

Megill is staring down the barrel of a second straight season with an ERA over 5.00. His walks are up. His strikeouts are down. It’s no shock to see his other statistics suffer as a result.

It’s hard to put much trust at all in Megill remaining a competent member of the Mets starting rotation. In fact, many would probably drop him behind Peterson. Peterson can at least get streaky in a good way. Megill never seems to do so anymore.

Like his left-handed counterpart, a move to the bullpen could save Megill’s tenure in New York. It has worked for other pitchers in the past both with the Mets and elsewhere. Until he proves otherwise, this is where destiny points him.