How are these 5 former Mets from the 2023 roster doing with their new teams?

A check in on how some members of the 2023 Mets are doing with new ball clubs.
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5) Luis Guillorme isn’t doing so great with the Braves

It’s hard for a player like Luis Guillorme to post great numbers this early in the season. It’s even harder on an Atlanta Braves team that seems to require their guys play 162 games. Guillorme is coming off of one of his weaker Mets seasons and he has carried it over with him to Atlanta.

Through 21 plate appearances the ex-Mets infielder is batting .150/.190/.250. For a quick callback, he has 2 doubles just like Vogelbach and Pham. As someone who did manage to hit .261/.344/.333 during his time with the Mets as a part-time player and regular fill-in once a week or so, it’s a disappointing start for the beloved bearded one.

Most of Guillorme’s games have come at second base. Only three complete games played, he is getting used sparingly by Atlanta. An injury to Ozzie Albies allowed Guillorme a little more playing time, but with him now back from the IL, his playing time will once again be cut short.

The second-place Braves aren’t running away with the division this year and a part of it is their offense hasn’t been as bulletproof. One has to wonder if all of the games from the starters does wear them out. Still an incredibly potent lineup, they could benefit with a little more Guillorme in their lives.

Curiously, they’ve played the fewest games in the NL East this year and have off-days this Monday and Thursday before a weekend series against the Mets. They should be well-rested enough, but maybe their problem is not playing enough. Wasn’t this their excuse for getting bounced in their first playoff series in back-to-back years? Let’s cross our fingers Atlanta doesn’t heat up by the time they make their first trip to Citi Field.