How are these 5 former Mets from the 2023 roster doing with their new teams?

A check in on how some members of the 2023 Mets are doing with new ball clubs.
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4) David Robertson is excelling in the Rangers bullpen

Now in the role he was born to play, David Robertson is with the Texas Rangers doing some remarkable things out of their bullpen. A 1-0 record, 1.08 ERA, and 0.84 WHIP are exactly what the defending champions ordered.

Robertson was on a bit of a low after the Mets traded him to the Miami Marlins at the end of last season. His ERA jumped from 2.05 up to 5.06 with Miami. They removed him from the closer’s role and he’s proving this season he is better off in a setup situation.

To his credit, Robertson was able to build up enough of a resume to earn a $10 million contract for 2024 plus a mutual option for 2025 for $7 million. It does include a buyout of $1.5 million for some padding and inflation adjustment. After all, the Mets paid him the same $10 million in 2023 to be an excellent impromptu closer. The least the Rangers could do is add a little more.

Robertson has looked ageless for the Rangers in 2024. Even relievers tend to break down by 39-years-old. Was it the time off from rehabbing or is Robertson just that special? In a tight AL West where the Houston Astros have bowed out, the Rangers probably don’t care as long as he keeps getting outs.