5 recent MLB All-Stars with forgettable stints with the Mets since 2018

How many of these guys did you forget?

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3) Eduardo Nunez

Back to 2022 where we associate the season with Dominic Smith receiving MVP consideration, Rick Porcello pitching a dud, and Eduardo Nunez suiting up for the Mets. Well, maybe we don’t think of Nunez.

If you remember Dozier and Inciarte on the Mets, your memory is sharp. Recalling anything Nunez did with the Mets will put you in elite company. The infield utility man ended up in only 2 games due to injury. A single in one of those two at-bats plus a stolen base gives him an unbeatable standard albeit in a sample size so small you’d need a telescope to see it from feet away.

Oddly enough, Nunez added a World Series ring to his collection shortly before joining the Mets as well. He, like Dozier and Inciarte, would also not play a major league game again after appearing for the Amazins. His championship would happen in 2018 as a member of the Boston Red Sox. As for his All-Star selection, we need to go back to 2016 when he was an American League All-Star representative for the Minnesota Twins shortly before getting traded to the San Francisco Giants. Prior to the trade, Nunez was hitting .296 with 27 stolen bases. He’d swipe a career-best 40 that year.

Nunez may have ended up as a useful member of the Mets roster if health didn’t let him down and we got more than 60 games in 2020. Alas, he’s a forgotten All-Star instead.