5 recent MLB All-Stars with forgettable stints with the Mets since 2018

How many of these guys did you forget?
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2) Ender Inciarte

It was only the 2022 season when Ender Inciarte ended up with the Mets. Upon seeing this, a click of “oh yeah, I remember this!” entered my brain. But do I really? 

Like Dozier, Inciarte’s appearance for the Mets in 2022 was the last he has had in the big leagues. Brett Favre taught us to never use the word “retirement” even when a player is out of the game. That’s not to say we should expect Inciarte to make a comeback. His last few years with the rival Atlanta Braves were downtrodden. He went from an excellent offensive and defensive player into a fifth outfielder to carry for pinch running and tracking down fly balls in the ninth inning.

Inciarte would go 1 for 8 in his 11 games for the Mets in 2022. So forgettable on the Mets, Baseball-Reference mistakenly has him listed as signing with the New York Yankees in their transaction section at the bottom of his page.

His one All-Star appearance came in 2017 during a year where he batted .304/.350/.409 for the Braves. He won his second of three Gold Gloves that year as well while also leading the league in at-bats.

Something else in common with Dozier is that he came to the Mets only a year after winning a World Series ring. Dozier was a member of the 2019 Washington Nationals. Inciarte played 52 games for the 2021 Braves. He wouldn’t be so lucky with the 2022 Mets.