4 bold Mets predictions for the 2022 season

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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The 2022 New York Mets season has raised the excitement level to a whole new level. I know you’ve probably heard that before. Plenty of past Mets teams have either lived up to the hype or surpassed it. Others lie somewhere in a cloud within our brains buried with the trauma of getting picked last in kickball or finding out that our fifth grade crush wants everyone to sign her yearbook except for you and the weird kid in class. Maybe you were weird, too?

Fans are predicting big things for the Mets in 2022. The unbiased experts believe so as well. There’s no denying what this team is capable of. Finishing the job is the tough part.

Both good and bad moments on the way, these are four bold Mets predictions for the 2022 season. Why only four? Because the Mets keep deciding to change their roster.

Bold Mets prediction: Carlos Carrasco or Taijuan Walker finishes the year in the bullpen

There was never any shot the Mets would move Carlos Carrasco or Taijuan Walker into a relief role to begin the season. Each makes too much money for that. As the year goes on, those lines of logic do fade based on performance. Sometimes, you do have to move a more expensive player into a limited role in order to put the best team on the field possible.

I’m not buying Carrasco or Walker putting together a career-year this season. There may be times when they look excellent. Each could conceivably better. In fact, one of them probably will be! But for both of them to pitch better throughout the 2022 season and stay healthy seems like a prediction to make only if the outfield grass at Citi Field is made of four-leaf clovers.

Carrasco or Walker is bound for a spot in the bullpen. The way I envision it happening is not because Tylor Megill or David Peterson outpitches them. Someone will be hurt in mid-July. The Mets are going to add to the roster.

When everyone does return healthy, the casualty will be the most underperforming pitcher in the rotation. It’s not exactly the boldest of predictions to pick the two guys coming off of lousy seasons. I’m not alone in having doubts about one or both of them.

Under Buck Showalter, I don’t think even veterans will get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to winning. The Mets are all-in this year. It requires some sacrifice.