5 lefty relievers the Mets should target in trades

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5) NY Mets left-handed trade target Matt Moore

Probably the cheapest trade target on this list, longtime starting pitcher Matt Moore has found a new home pitching in relief with the Texas Rangers. As long as the Rangers are out of the playoff chase, he should be very much available.

What makes Moore intriguing is that he spent most of his career as a starter. Injuries always got in the way and he has now found some new life in Texas as a left-handed reliever in 2022.

Consider Moore the “Oliver Perez tribute” trade candidate. He’s 4-2 with a 1.96 ERA after 36.2 innings of work out of the Texas bullpen in 27 games. His strikeouts are high at 10.1 per nine while the walks are also over 5. Moore has actually been better against righties than lefties this year. Nonetheless, one has to wonder if the .169 batting average versus righties and .262 lefties have hit against him will even out a little more.

One thing the two types of hitters have in common: none have yet to hit a home run against him.

Moore definitely is a bit of a gamble because of the short history of him succeeding in relief. He wasn’t particularly good for the 2021 Phillies in either role. Could it be that what we’re witnessing this year with the Rangers is fool’s gold?

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