5 lefty relievers the Mets should target in trades

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2) NY Mets left-handed trade target Andrew Chafin

Andrew Chafin should have been here for the start. There’s no question about it. He was available in free agency but the Mets chose to let him sign with the Detroit Tigers. Chafin is probably happy with the money but not so much with the way the team has performed around him.

Chafin has done a lot this year to show the Mets he should have been a more serious target of theirs in the offseason. Now 0-1 with a 2.45 ERA in 25.2 innings of work, he’s also averaging only 2.5 walks per nine to go with his 10.5 strikeouts over 9 frames, too.

It’s a much different situation with Chafin than it is with Mantiply—a member of the team Chafin first began to get noticed on. Arizona is probably going to need to take another step back before marching forward. The Tigers, on the other hand, might try to quickly regroup and become buyers again this winter. With Chafin still under contract, he could be an answer for their bullpen next year.

Things have gotten messy for the Tigers and while they probably would prefer to save some money, Chafin isn’t incredibly expensive. What he can do, however, is help add a body or two to the farm system. Even if they’re lottery ticket additions, Detroit should be fielding calls on their offseason left-handed bullpen addition. The Mets should be one of the first to call.