The 5 best candidates to replace Billy Eppler as the Mets GM ranked

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
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1) The best fit for the Mets and David Stearns would be a former NASA engineer

If baseball has been migrating to an even greater process in terms of baseball analytics, Sig Mejdal represents the top profile in terms of the stereotype of an executive with great qualities. Before starting his baseball career, Mejdal worked as a biomathematician and mathematical modeler for NASA, until the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis sparked his interest in the sport.

Mejdal began his career with the St. Louis Cardinals and became director of amateur draft analysis. During this time, the talented executive created a formula that helped predict the risk of injury in players, and his analysis was placed in a section in the Bill James Handbook.

His profile caught the attention of the Houston Astros, where he met David Stearns, and was hired as Director of Decision Sciences, using his knowledge to manage talent through data-driven analysis. His time with the Astros not only gave him industry recognition but his contribution transformed the Astros system completely.

The current assistant general manager of the Baltimore Orioles was taken into consideration in 2021 by the Mets as one of the candidates to occupy the position of GM of the organization. Mejdal serves as Mike Elias' right-hand man in the Orioles. They have made the organization the number-one farm system in baseball and the team with the most wins in the American League in 2023.

The ability of David Stearns, together with the analytical and mathematical intellect of Sig Mejdal, would be the perfect combination to execute Steve Cohen's goal of being a sustainable organization for the future. The Mets must try at any cost to get Mejdal and start transforming the organization immediately.