The 5 best candidates to replace Billy Eppler as the Mets GM ranked

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
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2) The Mets should prioritize a top prospect in baseball operations from the Arizona Diamondbacks

Many organizations have been improving their farm system through the development of talent. Among these, the Arizona Diamondbacks stand out for their recent existence in a roster full of youth.

The success of Mike Hazen, general manager of the Dbacks, has been greatly influenced by the presence and work of his Senior VP and assistant GM, Amiel Sawdaye. Sawdaye is one of the baseball executives with the highest overall rating with an impressive track record.

Sawdaye oversees the Dbacks' amateur and international scouting areas while also being Hazen's right-hand man in all actions related to baseball operations, making the organization one of the most sustainable, with at least four prospects in the top 100 each year since 2020. Sawdaye's resume is unknown to many, but it is still impressive, especially in his time with the Boston Red Sox.

During his tenure in Boston, Sawdaye was responsible for the drafts that brought players such as Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley, Matt Barnes, Travis Shaw, Brandon Workman, and none other than Mookie Betts.

There is no certainty that Amiel Sawdaye wants to put aside his relationship with Hazen anymore with a contract extension, but the Mets can change that story by offering a position of greater relevance in the sport. If Sawdaye agreed to work with the Mets, the team would be striking gold and turning its baseball operations area into a powerhouse in MLB.