The 5 best candidates to replace Billy Eppler as the Mets GM ranked

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
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3) The St. Louis Cardinals have a top baseball executive that the Mets could recruit as GM before it's too late

The St. Louis Cardinals organization has distinguished itself by producing good players throughout its history. In the recent past, the talent that has emerged from the organization has positioned it as one of the best drafting players organization in all of MLB.

This process of knowing how to draft talent has been led by Randy Flores, a former player who was part of the St. Louis Cardinals' championship roster in 2006. Flores is currently the Cardinals' assistant GM and spent several years in the scouting department including the amateur draft. According to Fangraphs, during the years that Flores has been in charge of the Cardinals' drafts the results have been impressive given the fact that the Cardinals haven’t drafted higher than 18th overall under Flores’ watch; the team has uncovered several gems beyond the first round.

During Flores' management, the team managed to recruit talent such as Lars Nootbar, Nolan Gorman, Ryan Helsley, Jordan Hicks, Brandon Donovan, and Jordan Walker. This select group has managed to establish itself in the MLB and has still enormous potential to demonstrate.

Within the industry, the question of why Flores is not in charge of an organization's baseball operations does not cease. The Mets should take advantage of the momentum and offer Randy Flores the GM position to combine his talent with the guidance of David Stearns.