The 5 best candidates to replace Billy Eppler as the Mets GM ranked

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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4) The Mets can use the experience and talent of a highly regarded Tampa Bay Rays executive

It is no secret that the Tampa Bay Rays have established themselves as one of the best organizations in baseball. The secret of this organization has been based on its ability to identify talent that they can develop at a low cost due to their position as a small market team.

The vice president and assistant GM of the Rays, Carlos Rodriguez is a recognized talent in baseball who has been with the Florida state organization for thirteen years. Rodriguez has been in charge of overseeing the amateur and international scouting areas, as well as the payer development area of ​​the Rays, their two cornerstone anchors as an organization.

The talented executive has played a leading role in scouting and signing players of the caliber of Wander Franco, Diego Castillo, Jose Alvarado, Vidal Brujan, Jesus Sanchez, and other talents. Many of the players who have been identified as promising by Rodriguez and his team have reached the best positions on prospect lists and have managed to produce in MLB.

One of the fundamental aspects of organizational sustainability that Steve Cohen and now David Stearns seek, is based on the identification of talent in the US and international market and the ability to develop them. Without a doubt, Rodriguez as GM can help Stearns strengthen these areas while helping the trade market identify the best talent for the organization.