Latest Mets addition to the 40-man roster is a lethal weapon on the bases

In another life, he plays jazz. In this one, he steals bases.
Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

Boston Baro no longer has the coolest name in the New York Mets minor league system. That title goes over to the newest addition picked up off of waivers from the Chicago White Sox.

On Friday, the Mets brought in speedy outfielder Duke Ellis. Imagery of a passionate jazz musician like Duke Ellington or Duke Silver for Parks and Recreation fans was the immediate thought upon hearing the news.

This Duke is a little different. Tall and slender, he’s a quick-footed outfielder the team was able to send down to Double-A in hopes of maybe having a pinch running weapon at their disposal.

Duke Ellis has catchers singing the blues whenever he gets on base

Whenever a small transaction like this takes place, it’s worth trying to find something interesting about them. It’s not always possible. Recently promoted catcher Joe Hudson, for instance, didn’t have anything that stood out quite like Ellis.

This 26-year-old’s best ability is stealing bases. He swiped 57 in 66 attempts back in 2022. He was limited to only 16 games last year but came back with vengeance this season with 34 successfully swiped bags in 36 attempts at the minor league level.

The White Sox, who practically are a minor league team themselves, gave Ellis an opportunity in the majors to appear in 8 games. A lot of what happens on the farm doesn’t translate to the major league level. Speed on the bases is one that will. He stole 4 bases for them and no catcher managed to throw him out.

Aside from the speed, there isn’t much to get excited about. Ellis was hitting .258/.341/.308 in 141 plate appearances down in Double-A. He’s not a complete zero at the plate. Naturally, as a tremendously fast athlete, the speed has helped him defensively with most of his time spent in center field.

We can only hope Ellis becomes the next Terrance Gore. A man known for collecting World Series rings, consider Ellis a candidate to be that September and October threat on the bases for the Mets.