4 Mets trade duos that add a starting pitcher and reliever in one fell swoop

Adding a starting pitcher and a reliever in one trade gives the Mets most of what they could possibly need.
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4) Mets trade for Tyler Anderson and Carlos Estevez

The Los Angeles Angels like to save a penny. They put everyone they could on waivers last year just to shed payroll. Once again trade deadline sellers after being failed buyers last summer, they have a pair of players for the Mets to go after. The best combination would be Tyler Anderson and Carlos Estevez.

Anderson is an All-Star this season thanks to his 2.81 ERA through 18 starts. His 112 innings is superb while the 8-8 record is a reflection of the uniform he wears. More of a contact pitcher than the Mets seem to prefer, Anderson is necessary to kick the tires on because of a modest $13 million owed to him next season. This should have other teams calling up about his availability.

With Estevez, it’s pure talent that’ll have contenders eager to obtain him. Estevez is 1-3 with a 2.89 ERA this year with 16 saves. A pure rental who has walked batters at a fantastic rate of 1.3 per 9 while striking out an opponent per inning, he’ll be one of the more popular players on the trade market.

This would probably be the most costly trade for the Mets to make as it doesn’t relieve the Angels of quite enough salary. Anderson has been too good to be considered a salary dump. What’s more, are they going to give their fanbase even less to cheer for?

Anderson is the only starter they could possibly part with while the bullpen is full of players on expiring deals. Veterans Matt Moore, Luis Garcia, Jose Cisnero, Adam Cimber, and Hunter Strickland are all on deals that expire at the end of this season. Only Estevez would give the Mets a major jolt. The rest are worth considering yet far from “must have.”

Odds the Mets make a trade like this: A Bollywood movie about your life is the smash hit of 2037.