4 Mets trade duos that add a starting pitcher and reliever in one fell swoop

Adding a starting pitcher and a reliever in one trade gives the Mets most of what they could possibly need.
Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers
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3) Mets trade for Chris Bassitt and Chad Green

There are a few combinations to consider in a trade deadline deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. This one is all about saving our friendly neighbors up north a bit of money by taking on a pair of older veteran pitchers.

The first is the starter, Chris Bassitt. A member of the Mets in 2022, he has performed gloriously for them yet again this season. At 7-7 with a 3.43 ERA in 18 starts, he is in the middle of yet another steady year. Owed the remainder of his $22 million from this year and the same total for next season, it’s a contract a potential rebuilding or resetting Blue Jays might want to get out from under.

The same could be said for Chad Green. Another ex-New York athlete, Mets manager Carlos Mendoza can vouch for him. Green spent his first seven seasons with the New York Yankees. After a disappointing 12 innings for the Blue Jays in 2023, he has been a whole different kind of pitcher this year. Health remains a concern but with a 1.57 ERA in 23 innings, he’s too tempting to pass over completely.

Green is getting paid a lot for a reliever. A two-year deal worth $21 million split evenly between this year and next should have the Blue Jays looking for some buyers if saving some loonies is on the agenda.

To acquire either of these pitchers, the Mets will need the Blue Jays to sell more than their rentals. An alternative pairing could be Yusei Kikuchi and Trevor Richards or even Yimi Garcia.

Odds the Mets make a trade like this: A stranger pays off your home mortgage without revealing themselves for the credit.