4 Mets trade duos that add a starting pitcher and reliever in one fell swoop

Adding a starting pitcher and a reliever in one trade gives the Mets most of what they could possibly need.
Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers
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Some bullpen help is essential for the New York Mets to compete for a playoff spot. You’ve probably gotten to know a lot of the alleged names available out there starting from the worst teams in baseball and working your way up.

The MLB trade deadline will be here before we know it and the Mets have yet to differentiate themselves as true buyers or sellers. The in-between is the lousiest place to be. Let’s not do this “just friends” thing with the 2024 team.

In addition to relief help, the Mets could do themselves a favor by adding a starting pitcher, too. Not only could they trade away one of their current starters for something and upgrade with someone else, they could always move someone to the bullpen for additional help. With these four duos, the Mets can target a starting pitcher and reliever in one fell swoop in an attempt to bolster the roster for an attempted run at the postseason.

1) Mets trade for Andrew Heaney and David Robertson

There are a lot of really good options on the Texas Rangers roster. If there is one team you should root hard against over in the American League, it’s them. 

The defending champions made one of their biggest trade deadline moves last summer with the Mets. The Max Scherzer for Luisangel Acuna deal was significant because of the money involved. It’s still one of the wackier trade deadline moves a team has ever made. Thank the power of Steve Cohen’s wallet for making it possible.

This year, the teams could be on opposite sides. The Rangers have too much ground to make up. With plenty of pending free agents, the Mets can seek help from their talented pitching arsenal. Two of the targets who make sense are starting pitcher Andrew Heaney and reliever David Robertson.

Heaney is a lefty on an expiring contract for the Rangers. Making $13 million this year, he’d probably be a tougher sell for teams than Michael Lorenzen who’d be equally as intriguing for the Mets to consider. Ironically, it was before the 2023 season when rumors of the Mets targeting Heaney came about in the offseason. This past winter, Lorenzen was a target.

Heaney is 3-9 with a 3.80 ERA in 17 starts and a relief appearance. Perhaps not a huge solution for the team in the rotation, his ability to throw strikes would be welcomed.

We know Robertson best from his time with the Mets last season. On a $10 million deal this season with a $7 million mutual option for 2025, he’s a guy many fans eagerly wanted back again in the offseason. Known to handle himself well against left-handed pitchers despite being a righty, he can help be a solution for the team’s woes with Jake Diekman.

Odds Mets trade for these two: A snowball's chance in a Canadian April.