4 teams other than the Braves and Phillies we should root against

Texas Rangers v New York Mets
Texas Rangers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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3) NY Mets fans should root against the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox lost on Friday night to the Toronto Blue Jays in a score better suited for the NFL. The 28-5 loss might push their momentum toward becoming sellers rather than trade deadline buyers.

This couldn't be more perfect for the Mets. Back in April, we were already looking at someone like J.D. Martinez as a possible fit for the Mets. The natural DH would look real sweet calling Flushing home.

Beyond him, there are other players Billy Eppler could look to add to his roster. What about Christian Vazquez as a catcher to rent? Or maybe there is an arm Boston can send the Mets to make up for how poorly the Addison Reed deal in 2017 went for New York. Someone like Jake Diekman could be a left-handed reliever option to explore.

The Red Sox have already expressed an interest in Dominic Smith which could get the ball rolling on a potential trade. One ugly loss shouldn't push them completely out of the postseason chase. However, with the team experiencing a ton of injuries over the last few weeks, they may see them pile up even more before the trade deadline.