4 teams other than the Braves and Phillies we should root against

Texas Rangers v New York Mets
Texas Rangers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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2) NY Mets fans should root against the White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are breathing in the American League wild card race but just barely. They have a team in need of some major changes if we’re ever going to take them seriously. It probably starts more so with the manager than anything else.

However, they do own possibly the best DH candidate out there for the Mets to even consider. Jose Abreu in the same lineup with Pete Alonso would deserve the chef kiss of all chef kisses. Smacking baseballs back-to-back in the order would be a thing of beauty.

The White Sox don’t have a massive amount of trade candidates unless they decide to blow the whole thing up. Starting pitcher Johnny Cueto could be on the table for some teams. The Mets feel unlikely with their starting staff getting healthy and how well guys like David Peterson and Trevor Williams have stepped up.

We should all be cheering hard at every Andres Gimenez base hit that comes against his rival White Sox pitchers. Knowing there is a chance to rent Abreu for two months should have Mets fans stoked every time Tony La Russa calls for an intentional walk when his pitcher is already ahead in the count. It’s going to happen again. We already know it.