4 Mets players who likely have a September roster spot, but don’t deserve it

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4) Danny Mendick should not be on the NY Mets roster in September but likely will be

Danny Mendick is another quadruple-A player the Mets have used this season, although he got his first taste with the club in June, a little over a month before Ortega and Arauz did. Unfortunately, even with the extra time Mendick has done less than both Arauz and Ortega as a Met.

He was brought in this offseason to provide infield depth. He's shown some versatility as he's appeared in three different positions for New York but hasn't hit really at all.

He's slashing .190/.227/.286 with one home run and four RBI in 63 at-bats with the Mets. He has a .513 OPS this season with New York and has a .653 OPS in his 182-game career. Not great!

Mendick not getting consistent playing time on this team tells you all you need to know about whether he should actually be here or not. Let a younger player with a potential future in this organization come up and take his spot. They likely won't play worse and will give you a glimpse as to whether they're worth penciling into the 2024 plans. The fact that this hasn't happened yet makes me believe it won't happen at all.