4 Mets players who likely have a September roster spot, but don’t deserve it

Texas Rangers v New York Mets
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2) Carlos Carrasco should not be on the NY Mets roster in September but likely will be

Carlos Carrasco has had just a disastrous year for the Mets. He entered the season with so much promise on what felt like a team-friendly deal coming off a really strong 2022, but he's been a shell of the pitcher he once was.

The right-hander has made 20 starts this season and has a 6.80 ERA in 90 innings of work. There's no typo there. His ERA is approaching 7.00 and he has fewer than 100 innings pitched in 20 starts. He's averaged fewer than five innings per start in his miserable year.

Carrasco had that one start earlier this season in Arizona in which he delivered eight scoreless innings and seemed to be on his way to turning his season around, but since that outing he has a 10.24 ERA in eight starts and 29 innings pitched. He's coming off a start in which he allowed five runs while recording just five outs against the lowly Angels who just waved the white flag even more than the Mets did at the deadline.

Carrasco obviously doesn't help them win now, and won't be back next season. He's not helping anything by going out there every fifth day and just tiring out an already overworked bullpen.

While there's always the off-chance a team claims Carrasco now that he's on waivers, the likely scenario here is he goes unclaimed and is still on the Mets roster heading into September. If they haven't cut him by now, it's hard to envision them doing it at all.