Ronny Mauricio and 3 others who could replace Daniel Vogelbach if the Mets DFA him

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3) The NY Mets can replace Daniel Vogelbach on the roster with Tyler White

The Mets would need to add Tyler White to their 40-man roster, but a DFA of Vogelbach would open up the spot for them to do so. A recent addition to the system, White does have major league experience. His lifetime .236/.315/.409 slash line from the majors came to its most recent end after the 2019 season. He has lingered in the minors ever since.

White would be as much of a direct replacement for Vogelbach as it gets. He’s a first baseman with some decent Triple-A power. He hammered 16 home runs last year on the farm while slashing .230/.357/.412. It’s actually close to the kind of slash line we’d expect out of Vogelbach.

One change from Vogelbach to White would be the side of the plate they swing from. White is a righty who in 98 at-bats this year on the farm has hit .255 with a .365 OBP. It’s not as thrilling as a promotion of Mauricio. It’s more practical than carrying a third catcher. 

The Syracuse roster does have Danny Mendick available as well, but he doesn’t have the power the Mets should be looking to add. There is one other player sitting there in Triple-A the Mets might want to think about adding to the 40-man roster and giving a shot in the majors.