Ronny Mauricio and 3 others who could replace Daniel Vogelbach if the Mets DFA him

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2) The NY Mets can replace Daniel Vogelbach on the roster with Michael Perez

Catcher Michael Perez is ahead of Tomas Nido on the depth chart now. Nido survived waivers and accepted an assignment to Triple-A. Rather than restart the whole process all over again and recall him, the Mets might want to consider a promotion for Michael Perez.

There are some problems with carrying three catchers yet also benefits for the situation they’re in. Francisco Alvarez and Omar Narvaez can share the defensive duties with the other taking on the role of DH. Pair them up with particular pitchers or do whatever it takes to make sure, at the very least, Alvarez is in the lineup as much as possible. His bat is one of the few threats available.

Perez would take on the very traditional role of backup catcher. Because a DH cannot be moved to another position in a game, the Mets are running the risk of a catcher getting hurt and having to turn to whoever their emergency option is at the position. It’s probably Jeff McNeil. He plays everywhere. He has been the emergency catcher in the past.

A third catcher on the roster can be limiting, but think of it this way; the Mets are essentially swapping Vogelbach for Narvaez. We do need to see more from him before having faith that he should be more than Alvarez’s backup. It’s worth a shot.