Ronny Mauricio and 3 others who could replace Daniel Vogelbach if the Mets DFA him

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Mets
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Let the speculation begin, or at least continue, for the future of Daniel Vogelbach. He didn’t play at all for the New York Mets over the weekend against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s obvious what’s next.

Vogelbach has been the one getting the finger pointed at him for weeks now. More than one finger, too. The inability to actually hit or play the field made him such an undesirable piece to the ball club. Assuming he’s gone before the Mets play their next game, it’s time to look at some replacements currently within the system.

1) The NY Mets can replace Daniel Vogelbach on the roster with Ronny Mauricio

How exciting! Also, very unlikely. Mauricio is learning new positions and the team has already promoted Brett Baty, Francisco Alvarez, and Mark Vientos to try and spark the offense. Only Alvarez has been playing well.

In theory, Mauricio is a terrific addition to the Mets roster as long as he performs at the plate. That’s a pretty huge “if.” At least he can play multiple positions (or at least he’s currently trying to add them to his resume). Mauricio also has some speed the Mets could use.

Mauricio has cooled off since his hot start. Still the owner of a .320/.360/.524 slash line and leading his league with 80 hits, it’s not an absolutely outrageous idea to go a completely different route with an entirely opposite sort of player than Vogelbach as his roster replacement. 

How likely is this to happen? There’s probably a better chance the Mets keep Vogelbach for another week than replace him on the roster with Mauricio.

Based on how the Mets have used several other players over the weekend, there’s another player that seems to be a bit more fitting.