4 Mets players under contract next year that the fans are ready to move on from

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2) NY Mets will have to trade or release Darin Ruf

Darin Ruf’s slow start to his time with the Mets is a little more difficult to end than Rodriguez. Under contract for $3 million next season, the Mets have a tougher time parting with him.

It’s still not impossible. The Mets could always DFA and release him. They should first look to find a trade partner. Someone might nibble in a low-profile deal for a 26-year-old in Double-A on his last legs.

Ruf is a poor fit for the 2023 Mets regardless of his performance. While it could make sense to move forward with Daniel Vogelbach as part of a DH platoon, the team has far more affordable and intriguing options for the right-handed part of it. Even if they ultimately ended up simply using someone like Pete Alonso or Mark Canha as the right-handed DH when the team faces a lefty, it seems to be an improvement over a full year of Vogelbach/Ruf.

Other possibilities to pair with Vogelbach include Mark Vientos and even Francisco Alvarez. We’re all fully aware that the Mets have a tough situation behind the plate. Alvarez on the major league roster in more than just a catcher role could be something we see but it’s doubtful.

It’s fortunate Ruf isn’t on an expensive contract. It’s movable, eatable, and something that won’t hold the Mets back.