4 Mets players under contract next year that the fans are ready to move on from

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This year’s New York Mets club is full of beloved players. From familiar names like Jacob deGrom and Pete Alonso to newcomers like Max Scherzer and Starling Marte, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Not everyone who has suited up for the Mets this year is as well-liked as them. It’s only natural that over the course of a long season we won’t send heart emojis to every player.

It’s these four players Mets fans are ready to move on from already. What’s it going to take to make it happen?

1) NY Mets can get rid of Joely Rodriguez by not tendering him a contract

Joely Rodriguez has been a questionable member of the Mets roster all year. He made the Opening Day roster following a trade with the New York Yankees as one of the two lefties in the bullpen. Chasen Shreve was DFA’d early on. Rodriguez, probably because the Mets gave up a player to get him, has remained.

Rodriguez has had some positive moments. If not for them, he would have been a roster casualty much earlier. Instead, the Mets look prepared to turn him into a non-tender candidate when the season ends.

Rodriguez has a few more years of control left but with zero minor league options, it’s tough to stomach knowing he’s in the bullpen with no resolution but to DFA him. His salary isn’t really a concern. It’s the space he takes up on the roster and the performance.

It wouldn’t make much sense for the Mets to continue to pay him to be a part of their ball club. He just hasn’t been effective enough and nothing in his past suggests this season was a blip.

Fans have been ready to drive him to the airport for most of the season. They’ll get the chance in the offseason—or so we can hope.