4 likely MLB trade candidates the Mets should target, 3 they should avoid

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The Mets should not be tempted to overpay for a reliever again

One of the worst-performing areas of the 2023 season for the Mets was relief. Losing Edwin Diaz and not having reliable weapons beyond David Robertson doomed many of the team's games.

David Stearns will have to address this area with contracts and trades to improve significantly if they want to be competitive. This could lead the organization to consider changes for high-quality arms such as the trade candidate, David Bednar.

Bednar has undoubtedly been one of the best and most consistent closers in baseball since his arrival to the Pittsburg Pirates 3 years ago. This makes it a highly expensive trade candidate that would involve a couple of an organization's top prospects.

Despite the effectiveness of a pitcher like Bednar, the relief position is the most volatile in baseball. Additionally, the Mets have Edwin Diaz as their flagship in the ninth and as the best high-leverage situation option.

Teams that win and compete consistently do so through a relay of multiple options that are discovered through player development. Overpaying for a reliever would be a mistake for the Mets since it would sacrifice a goal of sustainability for the future. The Mets can find options for their bullpen just as Stearns managed to do with the Milwaukee Brewers in previous years.