4 likely MLB trade candidates the Mets should target, 3 they should avoid

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The Mets can make a low impact with a potential high-reward trade

Former Arizona Diamondback top prospect Jake McCarthy had a great year in 2022 when he hit .283 with 53 runs, 23 stolen bases, and 91 hits in 99 games in MLB with a 117 OPS+. Unfortunately, the outfielder showed a significant decline in his production in 2023, which caused him to get demoted to Triple-A.

Now, the DBacks find themselves with an outfield led by rookie sensation Corbin Carroll and Alek Thomas, with other options like Pavin Smith and Dominic Fletcher to cover the rest of the ground. His low production and the depth of Arizona's team could put McCarthy's playing time at risk, making him an expendable piece.

The young DBacks outfielder has speed that places him in the top 1% of the league and average defense in the outfield. While at the plate, McCarthy possesses good contact skills, that combined with his speed, make him a dynamic piece in a lineup.

Looking at the example of the Arizona team this season, teams must have efficient and complementary pieces to be able to make a run at reaching a World Series. Jake McCarthy would be a piece for the Mets that would serve as a rotational outfielder, injecting speed and contact at the bottom of the lineup.

Due to what he showed in 2023, McCarthy's value would be lower, which makes him an intriguing target in the trade market. Especially if we take into account that the outfielder is only 26 years old and is controllable until 2028.