4 potential landing spots for Tomas Nido following his DFA by the Mets

Tomas Nido would be an upgrade on several MLB rosters over even more than the backups.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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4) Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies didn’t need a backup catcher until yesterday when it was announced they’d be without J.T. Realmuto for a couple of weeks. Knee surgery will take away their star catcher and they’ll make due with Garrett Stubbs and Rafael Marchan. The addition of Nido to their roster would be much less permanent as he’d be an immediate DFA candidate when Realmuto does return.

Or maybe he even steals away a roster spot from Stubbs. Pairing Nido alongside Stubbs in a lefty/righty platoon could be one way the Phillies hope to get the most out of a pair of second-string catchers.

Taking a backup catcher with as much knowledge as Nido has away from the Mets has its own secret-agent-level benefits as well. The two teams play each other a bunch more this year. Any extra insight the Phillies can gain is an edge whenever the Mets appear on the schedule.

A trade is probably not the way this happens although let’s not rule it out. The Yankees did send the Mets Luis Torrens for cash. The Phillies would be the last to have a chance to pick him up on waivers, too. Likely, the only way Nido ends up in Philadelphia is if he reaches free agency. They shouldn’t hesitate to sign him even if it’s nothing more than a short-term rental.