4 former Mets players making a case to be an All-Star in 2024

There could be more ex-Mets in this year's All-Star Game than current ones.
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3) Trevor Williams

Maybe the most surprising player on this list, Trevor Williams has catapulted his way up from whatever he used to be and into a legitimate All-Star candidate. Playing for the Washington Nationals in his second year since leaving the Mets, the one-time swingman is having the best year of his career. We almost got to see him pitch against the Mets on Tuesday, but a late scratch and a trip to the IL ended that.

As long as Williams is able to come back before the All-Star break, he should have a chance to build on his 2024 numbers. At 5-0 with a 2.22 ERA, Williams is off to a terrific start. He has allowed just 2 home runs which is astonishing after leading the league with 34 of them in 2023.

It’s a delightful turnaround for one of the more popular yet unexpected Mets in recent memory. Although he can’t remove himself from the infamous 2021 trade deadline deal made by the Mets with the Chicago Cubs which cost them Pete Crow-Armstrong, that’s a deal far more associated with Javier Baez anyway.

As it turns out, Williams isn’t the only one in the National League East who once pitched for the Mets who looks bound for the All-Star Game. You can probably guess the other.