3 worst Mets problems to blame for a disastrous season

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3. Second year Mets have been a disappointment

After having great first season's in New York, Starling Marte, Daniel Vogelbach and Mark Canha in particular have not found the same sucess they had last season. For Marte, who was an All-Star last season has not put up all-star numbers at all for the Mets in 2023. We have seen just a totally different version of Starling Marte this season only hitting five home runs and driving in 28 RBIs.

Also, Marte's strikeout rate has been very high this season as after having the hat trick on Sunday, has now struck out an alarming 63 times in 303 at-bats. I'm not sure if the Mets are regretting giving Marte that four-year contract he signed back in 2021, but if he does not turn things around in the coming days or Mets, the Mets front office may be feeling those regrets.

And you can't forget about Daniel Vogelbach's struggles this season that have Mets wondering how long the team is going to hold onto him. After finishing last season for the Mets strong after the team traded for the DH from Pittsburgh, he's been such a letdown for this team who thought his power would help the Mets. He's only gone deep five times with just 26 runs batted in with his batting average sitting in the low .220 at .223. This is a man who batted in the high .250s last year so the Mets got to be wondering, what has gone wrong with Daniel Vogelbach.

While Mark Canha has not been as bad for the Mets as Marte and Vogelbach have been this season, I think he's still been pretty disappointing so far. Canha's on-base percentage is high at .340 so he's getting on base, there are still some things that Canha has not been able to do well this year like he did last season. For example, he's not been coming through in huge RBI opportunities, his home runs and power are down, and has simply been very inconsistent at the plate. We have not seen Canha put up a hot streak for the Mets this season like we did last year and has been a bit of a letdown for this team.