3 ways the Mets can make themselves the World Series favorites

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
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The Mets should add two high leverage relievers to form a “super bullpen.” 

The Mets have had their own obstacles around several components around the bullpen this season, with injuries to Trevor May (soon to come back from the injured list) and Drew Smith. But for the bullpen to properly complement the starting pitching, it is going to take more than what the Mets currently send to the mound in front of Edwin Diaz. 

We said the other day that the Mets have relievers who just are not trustworthy in that bullpen right now, including Joely Rodriguez. So, it would be useful to get a lefty reliever, more specifically.  

Even though Daniel Bard is off the board after signing a contract extension with the Rockies, there are still plenty of reinforcements around selling teams the Mets can choose to trade for. David Robertson of the Cubs is the best example of that and would be great for the Mets, carrying experience from winning the 2009 World Series with the Yankees with him to Flushing in a potential trade.  

Every single World Series winning team in recent memory has gotten great bullpen pitching in October, and the Mets need to work between now and Tuesday to make it more trustworthy. 

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