3 ways the Mets can make themselves the World Series favorites

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
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The Mets should call up Mark Vientos to get both experience at the big league level and the opportunity to take at-bats coming off the bench. 

Before the season, the Mets figured to have a huge strength in their bench compared to their other divisional foes. It hasn’t been great offensively for the bench as a group compared to their bench mob of 2021, as J.D. Davis and Dom Smith have struggled sharing the DH duties, Travis Jankowski’s last hit was in early May, while Nido and Mazeika have not elevated their offensive games. 

Now, it looks like the bench will consist of Naquin, a fourth outfielder, either Eduardo Escobar or Luis Guillorme, the backup catcher, and J.D. Davis.  

Mark Vientos is another person who can come up and take some big at-bats off the bench. He’s been excellent this season for Triple-A, and has been better lately, batting .298 with 8 home runs and a .619 slugging percentage since June 29

Vientos is also the most major-league ready of the prospects the Mets have, and may be called up if the Mets can't find an impact bat between now and Tuesday.

Having a roster of position players full of versatility and moveability is a big plus on Buck Showalter’s checklist, as he has shown in the past as manager, as he likes to spread the wealth among the role players.