3 ways the Mets have proven they won the offseason

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets - Game One
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Buck Shoewalter
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A new era of leadership

Since Terry Collins resigned in 2017, the Mets track record of manegerial hires have been interesting to say the least. The team has gone through Mickey Callaway and Luis Rojas the past 4 seasons. The big theme here is that both Callaway and Rojas were first time managers, and were unable to take teams that were expected to make the playoffs over the hump. With experience desperately needed, enter 65 year old Buck Showalter.

Showalter has been around the game as a manager since 1992, and has a wealth of knowledge to provide. In his first 14 games as manager of the Mets, Buck has already shown his intelligence in terms of the game of baseball. There has already been a dramatic shift in philosphiy, and the team's approach to the game is more reliant on the mental side. One play in particular displays this, and that was when J.D. Davis stole 2nd on an appeal play. The Diamondbacks wanted to challenge whether Dominic Smith left 3rd base early on his tag up, but Oliver Perez didn't realize the moment he stepped off the bag and turned to 2nd, the play was no longer appealable.

Perez, who was once a Met and has been around the MLB for 20 seasons, stood in visible confusion as J.D. Davis trotted to 2nd base. It was the easisest stolen base of Davis's life and he would go on to credit his manager in the post-game press confrence.

The Mets are buying into Buck's philosiphy, and it has been paying major dividens so far. This is only a glimpse of what things could be in the future with Buck under the helm.

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