3 ways the Mets can continue to honor the franchise's history in 2023

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It’s time the Mets put Howard Johnson into the team’s Hall of Fame

How is Howard Johnson not in the Mets Hall of Fame? A team Hall of Fame shouldn’t be reserved for only the absolute best in club history. That’s what jersey retirements are meant for.

Johnson more than qualifies for the Mets Hall of Fame. He is easily one of the best infielders in club history. Before David Wright, he was the best third baseman.

Johnson accomplished a lot over a relatively short period of time. He was a 30/30 guy twice in his career and remains the only Mets player to ever win an RBI title. In 1991, the year when he led the National League with 117 RBI, he also happened to lead the way with 38 home runs.

HoJo’s mix of power and speed was and remains a rarity in the game. From 1987-1991, the offense relied on him heavily for run production. How have all of these years gone by without the Mets adding him into their franchise’s Hall of Fame?

It’s only a matter of time before the organization does the right thing and puts him there. Why wait any longer? Adding HoJo crosses off the list of ways to please fans who remember the teams from the 1980s so fondly.