3 internal candidates to replace Trevor Williams as the long man next season

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3) NY Mets candidate to replace Trevor Williams next season: Jordan Yamamoto

Out of these three, Jordan Yamamoto is the least likely to make his way onto the Opening Day roster next year. In the small number of chances the Mets have given him, Yamamoto has not performed well. He has already been designated for assignment by the team but after clearing waivers accepted a minor league assignment.

Yamamoto might not fit in exactly as Williams has this year right off the bat. He’d need to pitch his way back into the good graces of the front office to even be considered for the role. An injury last year cost him some time and this season has been spent at multiple minor league levels trying to figure things out.

It’s possible the Mets move on from Yamamoto completely. They could, however, give him a mulligan for this season and see if he can pitch better in the spring and maybe become something closer to the big league pitcher they thought they had acquired from the Miami Marlins.

One other name to toss your way is David Peterson. Because he has been so effective as a starter and not so much as a reliever, it would be wiser to bounce him between the majors and minors yet again in 2023 if he isn’t a permanent part of the rotation already. Peterson doesn’t quite seem capable of pitching in relief. That’s not such a bad thing. In his own specialized role this season bussing from Syracuse to Queens as often as he has, Peterson has been another one of those unsung heroes alongside Williams who has helped the Mets get this far.

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