3 internal candidates to replace Trevor Williams as the long man next season

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2) NY Mets candidate to replace Trevor Williams next season: Joey Lucchesi

Remember this guy? Joey Lucchesi was finally piecing things together in 2021 for the Mets when season-ending surgery claimed him. He actually kind of already took on jobs like the one that could become vacant if Williams walks. The main difference is he is a lefty. It shouldn’t matter all that much. Lucchesi has enough length in his arm to be more than your average left-handed reliever.

Meanwhile, Lucchesi also doesn’t have the experience to go long—at least from the way we’ve seen the Mets handle him in year one. With Tommy John Surgery claiming him in the summer of 2021, we should expect him to get eased back into the fold before any prolonged appearances are requested.

Becoming a long man out of the bullpen with irregular starts would actually allow him the opportunity to get stretched out a little better.

The odds are stacked against Lucchesi actually being a member of the Mets starting rotation next year. Fortunately, with several holes in the bullpen likely to open up, he could find himself falling in as one of the most logical choices to be the guy the Mets use for more than mop-up duties.

Lucchesi will have more to prove than someone like Megill before he gets any job over him. The difference between the pair might be Megill has shown to be a successful starter already. Between the two, Lucchesi is a better option for the bullpen with a direct line to give the team four innings on short notice.