3 Mets trades we would like to happen but definitely won’t occur this offseason

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages
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MLB trades are far tougher to predict than free agent landing spots. New York Mets rumors involving a trade seem to come out of left field. The same is true for other teams. You can connect dots. Getting into the heads of general managers and what they want and are willing to give up is difficult.

For the Mets, the best trade candidates for them would be additions to the pitching staff. The most exciting ones bring them starting pitching help. The team is in need of at least two top arms. Free agency offers them many options. The trade market can give them some great ones, too.

It’s these three trade candidates we’d love to see Billy Eppler go after aggressively, but we won’t be holding our breath. It’s not going to happen, sadly. An honorable mention goes out to Shohei Ohtani who clearly is staying put for at least another half season.

1) The NY Mets should trade for Shane Bieber and extend him immediately

Another pitcher staying put is Shane Bieber. The ace of the Cleveland Guardians, the team has already made it known that offers for him are going to be laughed at. He’s not going anywhere despite being a little pricier than many other members of their roster.

Bieber has been one of the elite aces in the American League for several years now. He turns 28 at the end of next May and is well-positioned to win a second Cy Young before his cleats hang up for the final time.

Bieber is a realistic trade candidate for the Mets in another year or two. The Guardians surprised themselves by winning the division. They seem geared up to make another attempt at it in 2023.

The price tag on Bieber hasn’t gotten too outrageous through the arbitration process just yet. Guardians ownership will give the fans a realistic shot at competing next season with him in tow.

Mets fans will have to wait on this trade candidate.