3 trades we should be glad the Mets didn't make

Jul 29, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Washington Nationals right fielder Juan Soto
Jul 29, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Washington Nationals right fielder Juan Soto / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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The New York Mets had a pretty uneventful and disappointing trade deadline. They acquired Mychal Givens for minor league pitcher Saul Gonzalez and traded J.D. Davis, Thomas Szapucki, along with pitching prospects Nick Zwack and Carson Seymour in exchange for Darin Ruf.

The Mets filled two needs by slotting Givens into the bullpen and Ruf as the DH against left handed pitching. They gave up virtually nothing for Givens, but the Ruf package was bigger. While it's a lot to give up, I don't think the trade is so bad given how much of an upgrade Ruf is against left handed pitching over what J.D. Davis had done. Szapucki is an intriguing prospect but was just turned into a reliever. The other prospects are far away from sniffing the major leagues.

Unfortunately, the Mets did not add a bat like Willson Contreras to upgrade the catcher position, but nobody else acquired him either. Unfortunately, the Mets didn't acquire a left handed reliever but none of those were traded either! The prices must have been astronomically high if nobody acquired anyone from those spots.

While I definitely wish the Mets added more, there are trades I'm very happy they did not do.

1) NY Mets potential acquisition: Juan Soto

I know, I know, Juan Soto is unbelievable. He absolutely changes the landscape of any franchise that would have been lucky enough to acquire him, and fortunately for fans of the San Diego Padres they got him. However, I don't think the Mets even had enough to get him. If they did, it would have cost them more than even I anticipated.

The Padres gave up three of their top four prospects, a pitcher in McKenzie Gore who was once a top 10 prospect, and C.J. Abrams who was also once a top 10 prospect.

The Mets equivalent to this deal starts with a package like Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Ronny Mauricio, Alex Ramirez, David Peterson, and Tylor Megill.

Taking into account the Mets would have to top that offer by a significant margin as they're division rivals does that mean adding guys like Jeff McNeil and Mark Vientos?

I would've done just about anything to get Juan Soto in Queens but the Mets would've been so decimated and honestly didn't even have what it took to get him ultimately.

Hopefully the Mets get a shot at Soto when he hits free agency.