3 Mets trade options involving a high-priced player making over $20 million in 2024

It might not cost a whole lot in terms of prospects because of the money involved.
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3) Yoan Moncada

It’s not quite ironic but neither were a lot of the things Alanis Morissette sang about. Yoan Moncada made his way to the Chicago White Sox in the 2016 trade with the Red Sox for Sale. He somehow managed to bump his salary up to an outrageous amount without accomplishing much outside of the 2019 season. Often hurt himself, Moncada is going to earn $24.8 million in 2024 with a team option in 2025 for another $25 million. Undoubtedly, the $5 million buyout will get used by whoever employs him.

Moncada has been healthier than Glasnow in his career yet far more irrelevant at times. After hitting .315 in 2019 with several other career highs, Moncada has never reached 15 home runs again in a year. His batting averages have ranged from .212 to .263.

Something Moncada has done well is field the position. This is one of the reasons why the Mets could be a destination. Uncertainty about Brett Baty at third base and a whole lot of doubt about Mark Vientos being able to play the position should have the Mets considering all options. Moncada, who turns 29 in the spring, is someone who would be an expensive improvement in terms of salary but not so much in what the Mets would have to give up for him.

The obvious trouble here is cutting a deal between the Mets and White Sox when owner Jerry Reinsdorf is anti-Steve Cohen. If the Mets were able to trade with the Los Angeles Angels last year with Arte Moreno in the owner’s chair, it shouldn’t be too big of an obstacle. After all, this trade is saving Reinsdorf money.

Sale is an easy pass while Glasnow is tempting for the right price. Moncada is very temporary. It definitely feels more like a trade deadline move to make if he’s playing well and the Mets want an upgrade.