3 trade candidates the Mets could realistically pursue from this list of ‘potential surprises’

From a list of potential surprise trade candidates, these are the ones the Mets could realistically pursue.
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3) Erick Fedde was a Mets offseason target and could be again at the trade deadline

Not surprising, the Mets were in the market to sign free agent Erick Fedde this offseason. The longtime Washington Nationals pitcher instead ended up on a two-year deal with the Chicago White Sox. Their roster is as up for grabs as any.

Fedde is proving his MVP in the KBO was no fluke. Through 8 starts with the White Sox he’s 3-0 with a 3.00 ERA. His command has been good, walking batters at a rate of 2.8 per 9. His strikeouts, while a little below where we’d really like to see it, isn’t so terrible at 8.8 per 9.

Fedde is doing a lot of things well on a team going nowhere. If there was one place for him to improve it would be the home runs allowed. He has given up 7 already.

Making $7.5 million this year with the same on the books for 2025, he’s someone we should already suspect the Mets have eyes on. There won’t be a free agent with his upside available for the rotation next year making that low of a number. As excellent as he can be, the White Sox can’t exactly hold him hostage. They can probably get one good prospect for him and that’s because they were smart enough to tack on a second year.