3 things we need to see from the Mets players before the season is over

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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3) NY Mets fans want to see the healthiest team possible

It’s a given. Mets fans want a healthy team. This means Max Scherzer returning. It means Starling Marte is in the starting lineup and playing his best baseball. This also includes fewer players getting added to the IL. September is the month where season-ending injuries pop up more frequently if only because there is less time to recuperate, rehab, and return.

Injuries have doomed plenty of past Mets teams and one major blow can certainly have the same effect on this year’s squad. The Mets need at least two of their top three pitchers available in the postseason to have any serious shot at winning things. The trio of Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, and even Chris Bassitt can be counted on to take the team far. They won’t get the chance if they’re hurt.

Unfortunately, with the battle going on in the division with the Braves, the Mets might not get an opportunity to take their foot off the gas. They’ll need to keep their best pitchers on the hill every fifth day until they clinch the best seed possible.

The final weeks of the MLB regular season doesn’t determine how far a team can go. For a little less anxiety, though, Mets fans are eager to see these areas improve.

Start hitting. Continue pitching. Get healthy. Those are three ingredients every team needs.

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