3 important starting rotation questions the Mets will need to address in the coming weeks

The Mets have some big starting rotation questions in the coming weeks.
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3) How much do the Mets limit Christian Scott?

A six-man rotation will do more than let the veterans rest and recover. It’ll limit the youngsters who might not be as used to the long haul of a season. Scott, in particular, is someone fans wouldn’t mind being handled with kid’s gloves.

How much will the Mets hold him back? Although Butto is a bit of a kid in our minds still, his minor league options are over with after this season and we shouldn’t expect the Mets to be too sensitive there. This is already his third year with MLB experience. It’s time for him to rise up.

Other pitching prospects could find their way to the MLB roster at some point and caution needs to be considered. Falling out of a pennant race makes it easier as there’s far less of a reason to push anyone harder than they need to go.

But who is signing up for a year like this? As accepted as it became by Mets fans for the team to use this year to transition to greener pastures, they’ve been better than many hoped—lumps and all.

Scott’s debut came much earlier than expected. A career-high of 87.2 innings and no other season in college or the pros over 60, we should fully expect some sort of stopping point for the 24-year-old. Helping the Mets win games in 2024 is important, but the tragedy of him not being available in 2025 is too much to bear.

Calling up Scott was a bit of a Hail Mary by the Mets. They should try to squeeze every win they can out of him. He should’ve gotten one on Saturday already.