3 September roster moves to ensure the Mets win the National League East

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets need to find a better solution than Darin Ruf at DH

Vogelbach has served the Mets decently enough at DH although many are beginning to question his regular presence in the lineup. Ruf, on the other hand, has struggled much more. The Mets need to find a solution to this. Knowing Vogelbach’s track record, they can’t simply start him there all of the time.

The logical thing to do would be to promote Mark Vientos to replace Ruf. There is a small problem with that. When Luis Guillorme comes back, the team will DFA Deven Marrero. Who would Vientos replace?

The Mets are poorly built when we look at minor league options. They can have a five-man bench of the backup catcher, whoever isn’t DH’ing, Tyler Naquin, Terrance Gore, and Guillorme. Gore is the role-player of role-players whose only purpose is to pinch run. Also out of minor league options, it looks like the Mets may have to make do with what they currently have. A faux injury could resolve this—or even a real one.

There is no obvious answer for the team other than to maybe start Guillorme regularly against lefties and allow some of the infielders to become the DH. Lately, the bats aren’t deep enough and the players don’t have enough minor league options.

At some point in September, the Mets need to find a solution. The playoffs are coming up quick.