3 Mets roster questions the team failed to address properly

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From almost Opening Day onward, the New York Mets roster has had a couple of questionable spots. Whether a defined role or an actual position on the field, there were some obvious places to make better or cross your fingers and hope things worked out.

It’s now the final four weeks of the 2022 MLB season and many of those doubts continue to knock us on the head each game. Many of us tried to justify what the team did at the trade deadline because we understood the strategy. As many of those players have gotten more playing time, it has become obvious how they might not have been the right fits.

A variety of important roles the Mets couldn’t ignore have been overlooked or not addressed at all. The team has managed to remain stable despite this. Will it eventually catch up with them?

1) NY Mets failed to address the catcher spot or at least come up with a solution

Let’s ask a hard-hitting question—or maybe in this case, a not-so-hard-hitting one: what’s going on at the catcher spot

Any offense the Mets have gotten from their catchers this season has been a bonus. Starter James McCann is having an absent season at the plate. Tomas Nido has been about where we would expect him to be which is a non-factor at the plate. He serves the team best as a backup so it’s harder to get on his case about the performance.

The Mets had a few options this season to try to improve the position from an offensive viewpoint. Willson Contreras was available at the trade deadline as was Christian Vazquez.

The Mets didn’t bite. And while we can make a case to say it was the right move to stick with what they had because of the relationship with pitchers and defense they can occasionally provide, it remains a problem because of some other weaknesses around them.

Specifically, it’s the one position the Mets did try to fix.